Venture Capital Firms Avoid the (Higher) Tax Man

Published: 6/25/2010 10:28:11 AM, comments: 0

Over the past 12-18 months, Congress has been threatening to increase the taxes on venture capital gains from the capital gains rate to the ordinary tax rate.

Today, Congress gave up on the notion because it could not muster enough support. This is a great development for the venture capital industry, since it won't penalize the industry that creates so many jobs and technological advantages for the United States and burden it with higher taxes.

Sometimes a "do-nothing" Congress is a good thing.


Don Jones


More Venture Capital Reports...

Published: 6/18/2010 10:31:28 AM, comments: 0

By popular demand, VentureDeal will begin publishing additional periodic reports on a quarterly or semiannual basis depending on activity level.

Although the US venture capital industry is operating at a lower dollar volume of investment and activity, it is still a vibrant and vital element of regaining our national economic health.

VentureDeal has always been focused on the technology based venture capital industry and will continue to bring you timely and informative reports and data.


Don Jones


Venture Capital Funding Quarterly Reports by VentureDeal

Published: 6/11/2010 2:20:12 PM, comments: 0

Venture capital database VentureDeal is pleased to announce the availability of quarterly venture capital funding reports.

Covering the first quarter of 2010, the reports track US-based technology companies in 15 sectors receiving funding from technology-based venture capital firms.

The reports are complimentary, and can be downloaded via the VentureDeal reports page:

How A VC Evaluates CEOs

Published: 6/1/2010 2:10:04 PM, comments: 0

Here's a good post from a new venture capital firm on the subject of evaluating whether or not someone will be a good fit for CEO position:

Read post here


Don Jones


Don Jones
CEO, VentureDeal

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