Don't Get Caught in No Man's Land

Published: 9/30/2011 9:29:45 AM, comments: 0

Dawntreader Ventures cofounder Ed Sim has a short but good post on seed stage startups:

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He makes the argument that instead of getting 20 seed investors, it's better to get a significant number of investors who are from "institutional seed" firms. By having these types of investors, the startup is more likely to get series A funding and not get caught in "No Man's Land".


Social Commerce

Published: 9/29/2011 9:25:36 AM, comments: 0

Enlightening post up by Bipul Sinha, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners on how the nexus of social media and commerce will change buying patterns:

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He says that social media is giving a new boost to peer-to-peer commerce, much in the same way of the old Tupperware parties.


Moneyball and VCs

Published: 9/28/2011 8:50:56 AM, comments: 0

Entrepreneur Larry Chiang has an interesting and fun post up on how VCs use tactics and strategies to evaluate entrepreneurs and deals:

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Maybe it's time for you to purchase "Moneyball"...


Battle of the Networks - Tumblr vs Facebook

Published: 9/27/2011 11:08:16 AM, comments: 0

Deirdre Breakenridge of PR 2.0 has a great post up on the differences between social services Tumblr and Facebook:

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The great thing about the post is that it highlights the differences according to how two teenagers view the two services.  It may not be statistically valid, but it has a lot of anecdotal information about how a few youngsters use social media.


Life Science VCs Shifting to Later Stage

Published: 9/26/2011 12:27:13 PM, comments: 0

The FDA is making it harder to find limited partner investors in life science-oriented venture capital funds, according to a recent piece in the Wall Street Journal:

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The posting uses the example of Frazier Healthcare Ventures, a Seattle, Washington-based firm that is focused exclusively on life sciences.

The veteran firm is noting that it will increase the percentage devoted to later stage deals at the expense of earlier stage deals, reflecting the general wariness of investing in high risk, early-stage medical technologies.


Introductions To Venture Capital Investors

Published: 9/21/2011 10:40:47 AM, comments: 0

Technology startup entrepreneur Dan Schapiro has an irreverent but thoughtful post on how to go about getting introductions to VCs:

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He essentially says that you need to do your homework before asking people you know for introductions, otherwise you will get half-hearted introduction attempts which won't help you much.


Pricing in the Netflix World

Published: 9/19/2011 8:38:59 AM, comments: 0

Top-notch VC Bill Gurley has an interesting take on the reasons for the recent pricing changes that Netflix has instituted:

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The post talks about the changes in how streamed online entertainment is being priced and how Hollywood is driving those changes.


Angel Valuation Metrics

Published: 9/15/2011 9:20:57 AM, comments: 0

Noted Angel stage investor Dave McClure had some interesting things to say on a recent panel about how he looks at valuations of early-stage companies.

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His point was that the five areas of: Market, Product, Team, Customers and Revenue are each worth $1 million in pre-money valuation if you and your team have done a great job on each of them.

It's not the only way of looking at valuation, but certainly a logical one.


Menlo Ventures Creates Menlo Talent Fund

Published: 9/14/2011 9:27:45 AM, comments: 0

Prominent venture capital firm Menlo Ventures announced that it has carved out a $20 million seed fund from its $400,000,000 11th institutional fund.

View press release here

The new fund, called the Menlo Talent Fund, is designed to make quick investment decisions in seed stage startups, usually in amounts between $50,000-$1 million.

The firm says it has already invested in eight companies out of the new funding vehicle.


Tapping Social Venture Capital

Published: 9/13/2011 10:26:38 AM, comments: 0

Here's a great slideshow of the do's and don'ts of tapping into social venture capital.

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The slideshow is from the recent "Social Capital Markets Conference" at Fort Mason, San Francisco. 


VCs Invest in Pigs

Published: 9/12/2011 9:50:50 AM, comments: 0

Great post by experienced VC Jeff Bussgang on why venture capitalists invest in certain entrepreneurs:

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Essentially the piece says that VCs invests in entrepreneurs that are totally and completely committed to their vision and it talks about a variety of behaviors that they notice that indicate that level of commitment.


Venture Capital Funding Quarterly Reports by VentureDeal

Published: 9/8/2011 9:49:14 AM, comments: 0

National, curated venture capital database VentureDeal is pleased to announce the availability of its Venture Capital Funding Quarterly Reports.

View reports here

Covering the second quarter of 2011, the reports are organized by industry groupings and are available free, with no registration required.


Another Funny VC Video

Published: 9/7/2011 9:12:48 AM, comments: 0

It must be funny video week, but here is a Taiwanese video about the recent TechCrunch travails about its founder and connections to a VC firm he is creating:

The issue has been about whether or not the founder of TechCrunch can exert undue influence on stories that are favorable to his venture capital investments.


Hilarious Venture Capital Video

Published: 9/6/2011 8:25:22 AM, comments: 0

Foundry Group has created a classic VC spoof video:

I'm a VC

It's worth five minutes of your time.  Great guys who take what they do seriously but not themselves seriously.


Entrepreneur Data on LinkedIn

Published: 9/1/2011 8:31:24 AM, comments: 0

Social networking service LinkedIn has done a data analysis of startup founder profiles and has put up an interesting post on the results:

View post here

Some of the findings are what you'd expect, but others are not.  For example, 60% of the founders' age at the time of their first startup was between 30-50 years old. I would have expected a lower percentage in this category and a higher percentage in a younger age category.

Don Jones


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