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VentureDeal is a primary Technology Venture Capital & Startup Database founded in 2006 that provides data on general technology and life science companies receiving venture capital investment at all stages of development.

  • The database tracks published and unpublished venture capital startup activity from accelerator stage through seed, early, expansion, growth, M&A and IPO.

  • The data includes more than 40 technology industries, including all software-enabled sectors, hardware, telecom, healthcare and life science sectors.

  • VentureDeal counts numerous Fortune 100 enterprises, venture capital firms and technology service providers among its client base.

Below is a selection of frequent use cases that are particularly compelling:

Use Case: Data Feeds via API

Data Inside Your Application

VentureDeal provides data feeds that automatically track daily activity in the venture-backed technology startup ecosystem throughout North America and beyond.

Use Case: Data Feeds via API

Companies interested in the latest information on new technology companies, venture capital investors and transactions can enjoy automatic access via industry standard XML or JSON data feeds.

Clients can choose from individual feeds for Transactions, Venture Investors and Technology Companies, or combine two or all three feeds together for a complete data source solution to use for internal purposes or resale.

VentureDeal has provided reliable, comprehensive data feeds for over a decade for financial services firms, life science research organizations, publishing, sales enablement and artificial intelligence use cases.

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Use Case: Service Provider Marketing

Relationship Development

VentureDeal provides an excellent platform for individual consultants or small companies seeking to market their services to the startup ecosystem.

Use Case: Service Provider Marketing

Service Providers can search for technology companies as well as specific executives by title to target only the prospects that are relevant to their business.

Since VentureDeal tracks technology startups at the earliest stages, Service Providers have the opportunity of developing relationships when companies are still small. While many startups will not succeed, some will become much larger companies and potentially very profitable for the Service Provider.

Transaction Alerts provide the Service Provider with immediate notification when startups matching pre-set criteria receive financing and have an increased ability to pay.

Use Case: Entrepreneur Fundraising

Venture Intelligence on Potential Investors

Fundraising in today’s environment requires knowing whom to contact and how to contact them.

VentureDeal enables entrepreneurs to search using a wide variety of criteria.

Use Case: Entrepreneur Fundraising

Entrepreneurs can then use VentureDeal functionality to build their own list of “Favorites”, high quality investors that they believe are the best use of their limited time.

Being able to download records is a big plus for startup companies looking to fundraise, since it allows the entrepreneur to utilize his or her own contact management system to effectively manage the fundraising process.

VentureDeal provides context for each investor listed in the database, including information about how to contact them either directly at the firm level or individual partner level as well as the social networks that they frequent.

Use Case: General Technology

Strategic Business Development

VentureDeal provides numerous general technology enterprise clients with our timely and comprehensive data offerings.

Use Case: General Technology

This corporate venture capital group utilizes the VentureDeal database to track the latest startup activity in its fields of operation and interest.

The firm uses our data for a variety of functions:

  • Strategic business development
  • Deal flow for potential direct investment
  • Venture capitalist outreach for co-investment efforts
  • Mergers & Acquisition targets and valuation comparables

Use Case: Financial Services

Add Value and Re-Sell Data

This financial services firm uses VentureDeal data to generate a complete view of the North America technology venture capital ecosystem.

The company then adds value to and re-sells the data to top Wall Street firms and other financial enterprises seeking an edge in discovering new technology company formation and progress.

Use Case: Financial Services

Users of this re-seller database utilize the information in the following ways:

  • Obtain deal flow for possible investment
  • Search for co-investors based on industry focus & other criteria
  • Find strategic business development prospects
  • View technology company IPO information

Use Case: Healthcare & Life Sciences

Biopharmaceutical Insights and Analysis

This independent biopharmaceutical consultancy utilizes VentureDeal’s data to stay on top of the latest funding, M&A and IPO developments in the life science industries of Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals.

Use Case: Healthcare & Life Sciences

The firm has provided a variety of research publications, consulting and advisory services for over three decades. VentureDeal’s data helps analysts understand the very latest changes in market conditions due to the entrance of new analysis tools and patient treatments.

This group utilizes VentureDeal’s data for both internal use as an aid to its staff of in-house analysts as well as inclusion in external-facing reports to clients.

Use Case: Internet Publishing

Online Technology News

This online technology company ecosystem destination boasts millions of page views per month for its North America network of localized technology news and analysis websites.

Use Case: Internet Publishing

VentureDeal’s SEO-optimized “data story” format transactions are posted each day on multiple websites based on visitor location.

Use Case: Venture Investor

It’s About Deal Flow

Investors are always looking for better and more deal flow.

VentureDeal’s Deal Flow capabilities provide investors with information on financing rounds in-process with many of the top startups seeking financing.

Use Case: Venture Investor

Investors use our platform to access open deals in order to contact the startup for more information on the investment offering.

VentureDeal also provides a customized Transaction Alert daily email notifying investors of potential investment opportunities in-process, enabling them to track the latest available offerings.

Investors also use VentureDeal to locate potential co-investors for companies they are investing in. The ability to search investors as well as current transactions provides multiple ways for the active investor to widen his or her investment network.

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