The Walt Disney Way - Take The Risk!

Published: 2/8/2007 11:36:43 AM

Walt was not afraid to take risks and make big bets.

Risk is a funny thing.  What is risky to one person is not to another.  Perception of risk also is determined by one's passion about the result of risk itself.  A person's life and financial situation, their belief systems about the chance for reward and the view of what they want out of life, all add to the mix of how much risk they will take on in any given situation.

Walt Disney was inextricably tied to his passion for providing higher quality forms of entertainment for the masses.  In all of his incarnations, from animator extraordinaire to feature film maker to Disneyland/Epcot amusement park revolutionary, Disney passionately believed in his product and the desire of large numbers of people to pay him for it, almost always in the face of doubters and skeptics.  In many respects, he identified so closely with his creations that to not build or create them would have been to virtually deny the main characteristics of his personality.

So a few questions for you:  how closely do you identify with your product or service?  What does that say about your risk tolerance for following through on it?  What are the other factors in your life that impact the risk decision?

My favorite thought to ruminate on is this:  Most elderly people surveyed believe they should have taken more chances in life.  They regret not really going for it.  Will that be your regret?


Don Jones
CEO, VentureDeal

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