Presentation Mistakes Start Ups Make

Published: 5/7/2007 9:55:38 AM

I've seen a lot of entrepreneur presentations at the very early stage - people looking for seed money or series A rounds.   I'm amazed by some of the things I hear.

For example, lately I've been hearing that to invest in an entrepreneur's company would be like investing "in the next Google."

When I hear that, I immediately laugh (internally) and I write off the idea of ever investing in the company.  Perhaps the entrepreneur has learned from some funding search coach that they have to "sell the sizzle" in order to get angels to invest.  Maybe they really believe it.  Who knows.  Experienced, seasoned investors don't believe the hype for a second.  Those who invest at the very early stage invest mostly in the entrepreneur's ability to make something good happen, adjust to the realities of the marketplace and the inevitable setbacks.

So here's a tip to entrepreneurs raising capital:  Convince investors why they should invest in you first and your idea second.

Don Jones


Don Jones
CEO, VentureDeal

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