Trust, but Verify

Published: 1/14/2008 5:23:29 PM

As an online publisher, I make my way around various prominent blogs and sites throughout the day.  I notice a seemingly ever-increasing amount of "link bait", or what used to be referred to as screaming headlines.

This is a general trend that isn't helpful to a reasoned understanding of events.  I won't single out any particular offenders, because it is so widespread, but the effect is that it blows events or analysis of them out of proportion.

With the explosion of media available to consumers, and the resulting competition for our attention, I expect this trend to continue.

What to do about it?  My approach is to be skeptical of everything I read.  The days when we put a lot of trust in large organizations to tell us "the way it is" are long gone. 

For me, the concept is "Trust, but Verify,"  That's why at VentureDeal, for every transaction in our database, there is a source URL letting subscribers know where the information came from.  And every contact record refers to the company website - for users to see for themselves.  Transparency is always a good thing!

In a world that increasingly runs on information, "Trust, but Verify" should be the default approach, no matter what the source is.

Don Jones



Don Jones
CEO, VentureDeal

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